The mission of the Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association is to provide education, advocacy and networking opportunities about legal issues in sport in Australian and New Zealand. By doing this they aim to lead, inform and inspire interest in legal issues in sport.

The association currently have six strategic objectives, developed under the Board's overarching objective of maximising benefits for ANZSLA members.

  • Objective 1: Provide high quality conferences and publications for ANZSLA members including: an annual conference; the ANZSLA Journal; 3 editions of 'The Commentator' annually; regular email newsletters; and online engagement through the ANZSLA website and social media.

  • Objective 2: Organise and/or support a minimum number of sports law education sessions, forums and networking functions throughout Australia and New Zealand each year.

    Regional events will be held twice each year in the states of Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia. In the ACT and Tasmania there will be 1 event each year; and in the Northern Territory there will be 1 event every 2 years.

    In New Zealand, there will be 2 events in each of the North and South Island each year

  • Objective 3: Increase understanding and awareness of legal issues in sport by engaging: Government (Sport New Zealand, the Australian Sports Commission, the Commonwealth Office for Sport and State Government Sport & Recreation Departments in Australia); independent non-governmental organisations which represent or assist sporting associations in particular regions (the Regional Sports Trusts in New Zealand and the peak representative bodies for sports associations in each State and Territory in Australia); and students and academics from relevant universities throughout Australia and New Zealand.

  • Objective 4: Engage with relevant professional and participation sports organisations and law societies throughout Australia and New Zealand to ensure that these organisations are aware of ANZSLA membership benefits and scheduled ANZSLA events.

  • Objective 5: Facilitate affiliations with leading international organisations involved in sports law including: international and national sports law associations; and universities throughout the world which offer sports law programs. Also, to increase the following: opportunities for members to attend or be involved in international conferences and contribute to publications; interaction between members of ANZSLA and members of other national or international sports law associations; opportunities for exchange of information between ANZSLA and international or overseas organisations and between members of each; and international membership and recognition of ANZSLA.

  • Objective 6: Increase ANZSLA's internal, national and international profile using new and traditional media.